Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions To Cover Most Of Your Queries

What are the requirements to attend the online classes?

A Laptop/Desktop and an Internet connection.

How a student will enter into the class?

To enter into the class, we will provide you your login id and password for enter the class. After that whatever teacher will write on board will appear on your computer screen and you can speak directly through voice after entering into the class.

Can a student speak his/her problem directly to the tutor during the class?

Yeah we have such kind of features in our platform that provide live interaction option during the online session like live chat and voice interaction with video. To interact with concern tutor you need to ask him to provide you audio controls through chat box.

What if a student face technical problem during Online Live Class?

Before starting the academic classes we usually conduct a technical orientation class where we explain about tools and troubleshooting as well as make sure that your system is working fine and there will not be any problem during the live session. During the entire duration of the class an administrator (with technical knowledge) will be present in the class. If a student face a technical problem, he/she can just ping/message to the administrator (contact details of administrator will be available to the student), and the administrator then help you in resolving the technical issue.

What are the Benefits of Online Classes?

Similar to normal classroom coaching: Taking an online class from our platform is very simple. Whenever the class starts, your computer/laptop screen becomes a blackboard and on the right side you can see the video of the teacher. The environment is just like a normal classroom. Two way interaction between teacher and student: It’s not like the teacher speak and student listen only. The communication is two way. There is a chat box where you can enter your doubt or query and teacher will respond accordingly. Anytime the student can request for the audio control from teacher and can ask his/her doubt. Online coaching is not expensive: The operations cost for online classes are lower and hence fee will be always lesser than offline coaching. At the student end, a computer and an internet connection is required. Recordings of the classes: After every class, the recording of the entire class will be provided to students. The students can watch them any number of times they want. If you miss a class due to some reason, you will have the recording of the exact class that was conducted. This facility you can never get in an offline coaching. Saves Travelling Time: There is no need to travel for hours when you can have the option of getting quality teaching at your place only. No need to shift to a major city or put your kid in a hostel alone. Our virtual platform do the task of connecting a student with our faculties right from your home. Access Quality Teachers anywhere: There is no chance of missing the classes even If you are out of station. Have your laptop with you and take classes from anywhere you want.

Is there any other platform you have where a student can ask questions except online classes?

Yes, you can send your questions on our support email Id also which will be share to the concern tutor to discuss during live session, or you may receive the instant reply through email with complete solution. We have our contact numbers on website and our social media channels also solves students problems 24X7.

Will I get Hard Copy Study Material?

Yes, all students will get hard copy study material through courier at their home itself. The study material will cover the JEE Main/JEE Advanced/AIPMT/AIIMS or whichever the exam a student is preparing. It will cover basic concepts and practice papers with higher concepts as well.

How to manage CBSE and JEE preparations together?

Generally a student preparing for JEE can perform well in CBSE exams as well, the topics will be same in both. Only the approach will be different to write the answers, so also take some time to prepare for Board exams in between of your preparations.

How to manage time for Studies?

Managing time is the most common question students ask. And there is no formula for the same, because it totally depends on student to student. Some students used to grasp things fast and some takes time for the same. So you have to manage things according to your level only. For an average student, 6-8 Hrs of study after school hours will be good enough.

Do you provide scholarship to students?

Yes. Not just on Marks but on other Achievements also. For complete details about type of scholarships we provide: Scholarship for JEE/Medical

Do you provide counseling related to students problems and career planning?

Yes. We have experts ranging from diverse fields and domains who help students in their career choices. Our experts include Ex-IITians, Doctors, Engineers, E-learning professionals and also the current students who are studying in IITs and medical colleges.

How Online Classes takes place?

Online classes will take place LIVE through computer or Laptop at your home itself. You just need an Internet connection and headphone. These classes be same as physical and traditional classes, because there will be 2 way communication where students and teacher can also communicate through voice during the class time. Students can ask their all doubts with the ease of sitting at their home itself.

How many students will be there in Live classes?

Our Batch size will smallest in the Industry with maximum 30* Students in 1 batch. These 30* students will be from different cities and you will get to know how their preparations are going on and where you stands in between your competitors. There is also an option of personalized one to one classes if a student don’t want to study in a group.

What will be the timings of the Live Classes?

The Live Classes will be 5 Hrs per day and 6 days in a week for 11th, 12th and 13th (NEET/JEE) class students in morning as well as in evening. The timings of the classes will be from 8 AM – 1 PM IST or 3:00 PM – 8:00 PM IST for batches. For one to one classes, timings will be as per student’s convenience.

What will happen if I miss a Live Class?

Every class students are taking live will also be recorded for future reference, so that they can revise each and every topic again any point of time. This will help to brush up the concepts at the time of exams, and if a student missed any class then also he will get recorded lecture to go through the same again, and doubts can be asked in future live classes any time.

What would be your impact teaching pedagogy to ensure effective improvement in my knowledge and preparation?

We have trained our teachers to teach the students with high interaction during the session. Our teaching pedagogy follows few most important steps to ensure effective improvement in students knowledge. According to our teaching pedagogy our teachers review students knowledge and make sure their knowledge level to planned topic accordingly. Our teachers mostly focused to teach concept with live example and conduct session on the basis of conceptual doubts. At the start and end of the session they conduct questions solving session by students to recheck their homework and preparation.

Is there any possibility to have a counseling or PTM session to put our views or problems in front of experts ?

We conduct PTM meetings quarterly to know parents point of view and their expectations from us. These meetings conduct in between class tutor and parents. After meetings, minutes of meeting is shared with support team to make sure the problems (if any) should be resolve in upcoming classes and parents further requests will be entertained.

What are the benefits of Previous Year Papers?

Previous year or Last year papers of JEE Main, JEE Advanced or AIPMT are very useful to get an idea about the pattern and manner in which questions can be asked. Always try to cover last 10 years papers to check your performance and ability to do the same.

Do I get tips and tricks to clear exams?

Yes. KAD Tutorials is publishing all the tips and tricks, suggestions to clear your exam. And these are not some random writers who are writing these posts but IIT and Medical students themselves.

How to stay motivated throughout the preparations?

Motivation needs to be throughout the preparations, because that is the only thing which gives you strength to work hard every time. Sometimes students start the preparations with full efforts, and loose the strength in between. Please try to avoid these gaps by regular breaks during the studies and try to read success stories of IITians to get more motivation.

Do you provide Test Series?

Yes, we provide online test series to students as a part of course package. Based on an examination, a student can solve any number of online mock tests.

Is it possible to prepare for NEET/IIT JEE from an online platform, considering that it's one of the toughest entrance exam in the world?

Online coaching uses technology to bring teacher and students on a virtual platform. The objective is to develop a fast, responsive and student friendly platform without losing on the quality of teaching for the preparation of NEET/IIT JEE. In a normal coaching institute these days, there are average of 40-45 students in a batch. In top coaching institutes, the number of students in class can go over 150-200. It’s practically impossible for a teacher to focus on each individual student. In good and effective online IIT classes, the number of students are divided into small batches up to maximum 15-20. This allows a faculty to focus on the performance of every student in the class. One of the drawbacks of joining a top coaching institute (remember the quality of teachers in different branches of a coaching institute can vary according to the location of a branch) is to force students to accommodate in a big city like Delhi, Mumbai, and in case of NEET/IIT JEE, the biggest of all, KOTA. It can be expensive and also inconvenient for students and parents. In the online coaching, the location becomes a non-issue because of technology. Have a laptop and internet and take class from anywhere. Whether you are at home or have arrived at a new place, it’s a guarantee that you will not miss a single class. Online coaching is convenient and affordable at the same time. Some of the key advantages of online coaching are short batches, focus on an individual student, proper counselling, quality study material, online practice tests, online assessment and regular monitoring.